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DevPipeline FAQs

What's the difference between a bootcamp and Dev Pipeline’s Program?

We provide training and the first experience. 

How long is your program?

Our program lasts 45 weeks.

Do I need to have prior experience working in tech?

 No, we are often many students’ first experience in tech!

Is this a remote online training program?

We provide both in-person (various locations) as well as remote options.

Will I receive a certification after I complete the training program?

Yes! If you follow the DevPipeline Full-Stack certification, you will end up with three certificates:

  1. Software Development Foundations
  2. Front-end Developer
  3. Back-end Developer

Do you charge applicants for job placement?

No, we don’t. We want to make your pathway to employment as smooth and successful as possible!

Do you charge employers for providing applicants?

Nope! We want to make it as easy as possible for employers to find great applicants (aka, you!).

How do we become an Employer Partner?

Contact Shayne Roy at Write a letter stating your willingness to interview our candidates and complete our Appendix A of the DOL Apprenticeship application.

Why should we add DevPipeline to our tuition reimbursement program?

Let’s face it, your company is busy with the work at-hand.  Our proprietary curriculum and dedicated mentors will upskill, reskill, and prepare your employees for the positions you need covered most.  Employers who take care of their employees, in turn have employees that take care of their employers. 76% of employees said they are more likely to stay with their employer because of its tuition reimbursement benefit. (Bright Horizons)

The benefits of having a tuition reimbursement program?

  • 76% of tuition reimbursement participants participated in a program for assistance or growth opportunities, and two–thirds participated for learning new skills. (EdAssist)
  • 84% of employees cited tuition assistance as an important factor in their decision to join their companies. In fact, 71% of participants rated tuition assistance among the best benefits offered by their employers after healthcare. (EdAssist)
  • 45% of Millennials report they would change their job for tuition reimbursement benefits. (Gallup)
  • 88% of Gen Z workers say they are more likely to recommend their employer because of its education benefits. (Bright Horizons)