Our mission is, first and foremost, to build individuals and families. Our philosophy fosters a positive, goal-based work culture that encourages: 

Creativity, Effort, Integrity, Accountability, Aspiration, Curiosity, Hope, Learning from Failure, and Continuous Improvement.

We hire new graduates. We train them. We help them build long-term careers here or with an employer they can love. We help employers find and develop fresh talent.

Our History

Meet our Executives

Jason Fletcher, Founder and CEO of Dev Pipeline, brings over 30 years of software development experience, entrepreneurial success, and rock star team building. A serial entrepreneur, creator, and visionary with a successful track record in technology-based ventures, Jason is dedicated to giving back and creating passion and excellence in others.

From his early days as Co-Founder of project management software company AtTask, now called Workfront, recently acquired by Adobe for $1.5B to his involvement in new and emerging technology spaces, most recently as the CTO and Co-Founder of a fintech company; and as the Founder of a data aggregation software company – Jason has exemplified leadership, creativity, problem solving and excellence in all of his endeavors.

Jason Fletcher – Dev Pipeline CEO and Founder

Shayne is passionate about transforming lives and organizations. Shayne began his career in banking in South Africa. His happy-to-help mindset and work ethic helped him quickly rise to leadership. Shayne and his wife immigrated to the USA in 1995, and are the proud parents of four brilliant, talented children. Shayne graduated from BYU with his Bachelors in International Politics and Business.

He continued his career in banking, managing multiple branches, and excelling in international banking. In 2008 Shayne switched to management consulting and executive coaching. He has coached and supported hundreds of executives and helped build multiple top performing teams. He started his own firm Zero Barriers in 2014. He created the Zero Barriers Approach, IMPROV Sales, Attitude Cycle and the Purpose Driven Exercise.

Shayne’s desire to leave people and businesses better than he found them attracted him to DevPipeline. Shayne has been instrumental in pioneering apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs in the tech space.

Shayne Roy – Dev Pipeline COO

Jenni White is the V.P. of Business Development and Partnerships at Dev Pipeline. Jenni has been a sought-after marketing guru from tech startups to long-term established companies. Businesses looking to grow in new and innovative ways rely on Jenni, her creative ideas, and networking abilities.

Jenni White specializes in building strategic partnerships, negotiations, and marketing strategy implementation. In addition to consulting with Dev Pipeline and founding and managing her digital marketing company,

Polaris Marketing & Consulting (www.polarismarketingandconsulting.com), Jenni also consults with companies from across the United States and Europe and also donates much of her time to charities.

Jenni White

I served a 4 year tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps back in 2006. After that, I spent several years figuring out where I wanted to end up in life. After working in a medley of industries including the TV / Film world, commercial real estate, legal, and small business ownership, I ended up taking the plunge into tech.

Since becoming a full stack engineer, I worked as an instructor in the industry to help others find their passion in tech and mentor them through their journeys. I truly love to help people and I couldn’t be happier about joining the Dev Pipeline team!

Ryan Curtis – Dev Pipeline Dev Manager