Why Dev Pipeline?

Our mission is, first and foremost, to build individuals and families. Our philosophy fosters a positive, goal-based work culture that encourages: 

Creativity, Effort, Integrity, Accountability, Aspiration, Curiosity, Hope, Learning from Failure, and Continuous Improvement.

We provide hope by changing lives. We are committed and responsive to helping individuals and organizations take people from jobs to careers.

We leverage decades of experience in business management, entrepreneurship and relationships to connect individuals with employers and experienced individuals in their chosen fields, thus providing increased career opportunities.

How are we different?

Dev Pipeline turns recent grads into accomplished developers that are ready for hire. We offer on the job training through our apprenticeship program over 30 weeks paid training for our apprentices. 

Our mentors and apprentices work on real life projects in our incubator that gives them the opportunity to gain experience working for employers. Some of the projects that our mentors and apprentices have completed are: FamLink, GeoTagger, Sonar, etc.

We provide a mix of learning how to become a developer combined with soft skills development so you can put what you learn to practice and gain employment after completing our program

Working with Government Agencies and Corporate Partners to help fund scholarships for those in need to change peoples lives. There are no costs for the employers who employ our apprentices. Through DOL and DWS, our employer partners are eligible to receive subsidized wages to help pay the apprentices you hire through Dev Pipeline.

What are the Next Steps?

There are 3 simple and easy steps to becoming an Employer Partner:

Step #1 – Express Interest: Employer expresses interest in being part of the apprenticeship program and schedules a call with Dev Pipeline to become familiar with the program.

Step #2 – One Page Paperwork: Dev Pipeline sends out an Appendix D for the employer to fill out. This is merely an expression of interest in hiring our apprentices.

Step #3 – Two More Forms: Once a candidate is identified, we will word with the employer and government agencies to onboard the new employee

If you are interested in becoming an Employer Partner with Dev Pipeline, please email us at info@devpipeline.com.

What are the incentives for hiring from Dev Pipeline?

You will receive fantastic employees who have a drive and a passion to learn and improve their skills.

All of our mentors and apprentices will undergo on the job training.

We will do everything in our power to find the right apprentice that will fit in your company and work the best with your teams and culture.

You can also contact us for more information by emailing us at: info@devpipeline.com.



Employer Partners:

Contact us at info@devpipeline.com to find out how you help change lives and provide hope.

List of employer partners:

Change Their Lives – Non-Profit Organization