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When I started at DevPipeline, I could only build static sites with honestly very little functionality. Then, after only two months, I was able to build fully functional web apps and have the confidence to call myself a Web Developer. Now, I can tackle any task with the knowledge that I can learn what I need to finish it.

I love that we own our journey, and DevPipeline helps us get there. The team has given me all the tools necessary to reach my goals and obtain the career I want. Then, they leave taking advantage of those tools up to me. I come into work every day focused and driven to succeed.

I had a hard time trusting myself to try to solve complex problems by myself. I would constantly turn to our dev manager or another teammate because I lacked the confidence to try it myself. The team and the leadership have provided a safe space for me to try things, fail, and succeed. I am now able to be more self-sufficient and make quicker progress on my tasks.

I enjoyed building out the custom lists feature of our current project It was fun to use the info that a user uploads and create a format and carousels that display the user’s images and contacts in a very aesthetically pleasing layout. I was able to be a little bit creative to make something that looked nice.

I started this year unemployed and not knowing how to code. Now I’m spending every day building and creating new things through code. It’s been a complete 180. I have never had a job that I have enjoyed more than software development, and I love it so much because of DevPipeline. I wake up every morning excited to come to work. I have a clear path of where I want to go, and I can get there. That has never been a thing for me before. I worked jobs because they were jobs. Now I have hope for the kind of future that I want for my family and me. I will always be so grateful for DevPipeline and the opportunity they have given me.

Logan Anderson
Developer at DevPipeline

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