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Since starting at DevPipeline my programming knowledge and confidence in my code has improved more than I thought it could in a few short months.

I like how everyone at DevPipeline treats each other. When someone’s stuck they don’t criticize, they help guide them through what they know and to take a step back.

My biggest challenge is logic in code and algorithms.To help myself overcome this I have taken a lot of steps like writing the whole process, and talking aloud when possible to work through it. I also need assistance at points and I can always turn to anyone on the team for that.

My favorite thing at DevPipeline is that we don’t just work on one project. I love to learn new things so when I’m constantly building new things it grows my knowledge so fast.

DevPipeline has helped me to get off my feet. They hired me after my first internship at another company that had treated me poorly. They took me in after I lost hope in my abilities and helped boost that confidence sky high.

Ryan Lowe
Developer at DevPipeline

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