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Before I started going through the DevPipeline program I was working as a technical writer updating text documents and creating content to help teach software development, I worked in that position for the last 4 years.

After joining DevPipeline my coding ability and knowledge have grown tremendously and have given me the ability to look at software development as a viable career path. I love how encouraging the DevPipeline program is, they constantly tell us that failing fast is key and that it will help us learn to be better developers and then they are super helpful when we do fail and can’t figure out how to get our code working they are really quick to jump in and show you what is going on and how to fix it.

My biggest challenge with code has been understanding it and learning how to write the correct code to get my desired outcome. I have overcome it by working with my code and learning how to think through the problem and get my code to work the way I intended it.

DevPipeline has helped change my life by teaching me how to code and to actually understand what my code is doing so I can learn to be a better developer and grow into a senior developer and provide for my family.

Jordan Howard
Developer at DevPipeline

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