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I was a stay at home dad trying to learn how to code. I did a bootcamp and it was very rushed and I didn’t feel confident in my skills after I graduated. I then found DevPipeline.

My coding ability and knowledge vastly improved since I started the coding foundations course. The way the code and concepts are broken down line by line makes understanding everything extremely easy. What I like most about the program is how open everyone is to questions. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions when I got stuck or needed help.

My biggest challenge is seeing the project as a whole and feeling overwhelmed about getting everything done. Our instructors and mentors were very helpful in this by breaking things down into individual tasks and working on what I can do first. Rather than looking at the whole wall I try to lay a single brick first. Once I get that brick set I move onto the next one. Next thing I know the whole project is done.

DevPipeline has given me an opportunity of a lifetime. I’m able to learn something I’ve always wanted to learn and they’re helping me break into this field with great confidence. A life lesson I’m learning from them is that it’s fine to fail as long as you’re trying. If you never try or you give up then you really fail. If you make mistakes along the way it’s not a failure however it’s a great learning opportunity and a chance to grow.

Randy Cullins
Developer at DevPipeline

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