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Read about our very own Jason Fletcher in USA Today’s article on influential entrepreneurs in North America.


“From life coaching to cryptocurrency, the field doesn’t matter. These 15 individuals are breaking all the molds, living — and working — life to its fullest.

1. Michael D. Butler founded Beyond Publishing, a world-leading book publisher with more than 150 branded resources and distribution operations worldwide. Products across dozens of genres are sold in multiple formats. Authors include award-winning voices and celebrities from every walk of life. The revenue from Beyond helps underwrite the mission of its 1040 Impact, an international organization that rescues children from human trafficking while educating and training them with trade skills for life in Asia.

2. Sonja Stribling, Ph.D., retired Army major, shares how her past shaped her future with the power of authenticity and vulnerability. Twenty-one years of military service and overcoming trauma taught her life and leadership lessons that she instills in others, scaling businesses to beyond six figures. Recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award during former President Barack Obama’s term, Stribling said, “You can’t access your power without being at peace with your purpose!”… “

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